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High Voltage Capacitor Uf

Maxwell High Voltage Capacitor 45kV, .015uF


4kV High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitor 25 uF with mounting brackets


High Voltage High Current Pulse Capacitor, 500uF, 1500A, 800VDC, Fast Discharge


60uf 6KV High Voltage DC Oil Capacitor Maxwell 6D60MN-AS


10kv 0.03 uf High Voltage Capacitor used 3/$17 #108


Lot of (8) 450V 1800uF Electrolytic Capacitors, High-Voltage, NEW In Box!


HUGE Plasticon KMOC 25uF 4000V 4kV DC High Voltage Oil Capacitor - TESTED


6.5KV High Voltage Capacitor 0.015 uF - Lot of 10 ( 95P017 )


2mfd 1500VDC High Voltage Oil Hermetically Sealed Capacitor 2uF 1500 V CP70 USA


Aerovox 100uF 22kV high voltage capacitor PM223YW099D01 quarter shrinking


1x 4uF 600V High Voltage Oil Hermetically Sealed Capacitor 4 MFD 600VDC USA


High Voltage Capacitor 10 uf 3000 V


Tesla WK 720 8uF 1.6/4.2kv High Voltage 1 pcs TESTED F-L-T2 Oil Capacitor ±10%


2 pcs High Voltage Capacitor MKP-X2 10uF AC275V for Induction cooker repair


DIELEKTROL Microwave High Voltage Capacitor 0.910uf 2000v AC 23L6105


0.05uF .05 uF 1000V High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors 503MY5V (15 pieces)


3x .001uF 20000V High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor 20KV .001mfd 20,000 Volts


High Voltage Pulse Capacitor 63uF, 1.92kV Peak Voltage, 630A peak current.


Chicago High Voltage Capacitor CAM-504-10M 0.5uF 10kVDC With Mounting Hardware


High Voltage Capacitor Cooper CEP140A1 200KVAR 2400V 95uF No PCB's NOS


Dual Chicago High Voltage Capacitor Type CAM-823-10M2X 2 X 0.085uF 10kVDC




NWL Capacitor 175 uF 2000 VDC 2KVDC High Voltage Catalog Number 12270


Hipotronics high voltage capacitor .05 uf 40 KVDC -c


SPRAGUE 0.012 uF Capacitor 10KV HIGH VOLTAGE 430P Metallized Polyester Film


.05uF 20KVDC High Voltage Mylar-Paper Capacitor 20000V .05mfd 20,000 Volts DC


450V 5600uF Electrolytic Capacitors, High-Voltage, Huge, NEW IN BOX, Sale!


MAXWELL Energy Products 830uF 11kV high voltage capacitor 32369 high energy


1uF 1000VDC High Voltage Paper/Polyester Foil Capacitor 1mfd CQ72B1FG105K3 1000V


New .001uF 15000V High Voltage RF Transmitting Capacitor 15KV 0.001mfd


10mfd 15000VDC Metal Case High Voltage Oil Capacitor 15000 Volts 10uf 15,000V DC


Unlytic UP3 BN0070 7uf 1200V DC High Voltage Decoupling Capacitor L4